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Rules & Regulation
1. All communications regarding the college, hostel Hospital should be addressed to the principal.

2. Every student is expected to conduct himself properly in the College, Hospital & Hostel.

3. Strict disciplinary action will be taken to any student found guilty of misconduct, violation of the rules and practice, in the college, Hostel & Hospital. Also it may lead to expulsion from the college.

4. Student found guilty of carelessness leading to breakage or loss of any college, Hostel & Hospital property, book, costly apparatus etc. shall make good the loss at once may in addition to fine.

5. Students are allowed to work in the laboratory in the presence of the professors only.

6. The provisions of the prospectus cannot be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the college and the students. The college reserves the right to change any provision or requirements and frame new rules at any time within the students, time of education including Text books fees curriculum and rules and regulation in general or those pertaining to the College & Hostel.

7. Students are not allowed to enter the office and disturb the staff on duty.

8. Every student must carry his/her identity card along with passport size photo.

9. Every student must take delivery of his Identity card from the College and carry with him so : that the same may be produced on demand.

10. The College, Hostel and Hospital compound will not be the venue of any meeting or gathering of the students out the consent of the Principal.

11. Students should be punctual in their attendance at lectures practical and clinical classes. They must ensure sufficient attendance. 75% attendance in theoretical/clinical hospital duty is the minimum requisite qualification to sit for the examination.

12. Students will be allowed to meet the principal or his representative only at a scheduled and appointed time.

13. Clinical duty is essential for students.

14. Tuition fees should be paid in full at the time of admission to the course. No students shall be given mark sheets or certificates unless all his/her dues for College & Hostel are paid.

15. Guardians of the students are personally liable for all the dues etc. for the college & Hostel Moreover all students are to produce their guardians, declarations as their financial guarantor for College and Hostel dues.
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