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INTERNSHIP: Each candidate shall be required to undergo compulsory rotating internship of one year, after passing the final BHMS examination, to the satisfaction of the Principal of the college. Thereafter only the candidate shall be eligible for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery by the University. Internship training shall be undertaken at the attached Hospital of the college. University shall issue a provisional certificate on passing the final BHMS to each students. Bihar State Board of Homoeopathic Medicine shall grant provisional registration of minimum one year to each student to undertake internship.

HOSPITAL TRAINING: Clinical Experiences is the prime objective of Homoeopathic teaching and is the essential component of syllabus prescribed by the Central Council of Homoeopathy. It comprises of 12 month duration with both theoretical & practical teaching according to CCH regulation. Students will be required to attend the OPD & IPD of our Hospital during their 2 , 3 & 4 BHMS classes. Clinical training are provided under the expert guidance of the teaching faculty.

TEACHING FACULTY: Our prime objective is to impart Homoeopathic Education most classical to the Teaching of Dr. Hahnemann and his Followers. Teaching Faculty is of long standing experiences in the concerned subjects. We also invite visiting Professor to provide wider aspect of understanding of the subject.

GUEST LECTURES: College has a wide range of reputed guest faculty members from all over the country who offer their valuable lecture time to time.

STUDY TOUR: Academic activities are made more natural oriented with the study tour to places of repute with a view to provide on the spot orientation of the students. Visit to Homoeopathic Laboratories, Research Centers and Hospitals are the regular feature of activities conducted by concerned department of the college. Beside students are faculty members are encouraged to participate in the seminar and symposium being held in different parts of the country. Our faculty and students have participated in both the national and international Seminars.

SEMINAR & SYMPOSIUM: With a view to provide broader spectrum of knowledge college is organizing seminars and symposium time to time. Reputed scholars in Homoeopathy are addressing these seminars to provide at home information updating to faculty and students.

UNIFORM: Students will have to be in the Uniform as prescribed by the College.

HOSTEL: Hostel facility is available for both boys and girls in separate accommodation. After gettng admission in the college, students will have to apply for the Hostel seats in prescribed application form available on payment. Strict disciplines are to be maintained in the Hostel. Hostel is under the charge of our teaching faculty duly authorized for the purpose with a view to keep vigilant for all round maintenance of discipline. Hostel facility are subject to the following terms and conditions :

1. Admission in Hostel is for one academic year. For re-admission in the next academic years they will have apply a fresh.
2. Student will have to aô€€²end the classes regularly.
3. Students will have to abide by the guidelines of the Hostel and maintain a harmony in discipline.
4. Student must follow the time-table as prescribed by the authority of the Hostel.
5. Any student get sick must inform the warden for necessary action to be taken by them.
6. The mess charges as prescribed by the Hostel will have to be paid in time. All charges for the Hostel, including mess charges are to be paid in advance.

RAILWAY CONCESSION: Students enjoys the facilities of the railways concession to visit place of interest as study tour and also to visit their home during the vacation.

STIPEND: Poor and Meritorious students are awarded scholarship by the Welfare Department of the Government of Bihar.
Students belonging to the Scheduled caste and Tribe also enjoy the facilities provided by the Government as per rules.
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